• Fanel Scheaua Ph.D. Eng. Dunarea de Jos University of Galati


wind powe, rotor model, three-dimensional model, air flow analysis


In the context of environmental policies aimed at gradual reduction of carbon emissions around the world today must be considered the methods of obtaining energy from renewable sources at hand. Among these, wind power is a viable solution, being exploited more and more nowadays. Although the most widespread are horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT), vertical axis turbines (VAWT) are also to be considered due to their advantages. The SAVONIUS rotor type as vertical shaft turbine, characterized by low efficiency and high negative torque compared to HAWT, offer advantages related to easier starting, working at low wind speeds, regardless of its direction of action. Based on this constructive rotor type, multiple studies and experimental researches were performed, the results of which are materialized in the constructive-functional optimization of the SAVONIUS type rotor, so that the operating performances of the initial model were far exceeded. This paper presents constructive and operating aspects of rotor typologies improved over time, as well as an overall virtual model that is analysed with Ansys CFX to highlight the operating parameters using numerical methods.


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Author Biography

Fanel Scheaua Ph.D. Eng., Dunarea de Jos University of Galati

Assistant Professor Engineering and Agronomy Faculty of Braila, Department of Engineering
Sciences and Management, Research Centre for Mechanics and Technological Equipments - MECMET


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