• Misa Stojicevic University of Belgrade
  • Zorana Jeli University of Belgrade
  • Boris Kosic University of Belgrade
  • Ivana Cvetkovic University of Belgrade
  • Rodoljub Milicevic University of Belgrade


course, design, industry design, aesthetics, 3d cad software


This paper gives a scope of course called Product aesthetics at Mechanical faculty, University in Belgrade, Serbia. During this course students are learning about standards and laws in process of product design. With this knowledge students are able to create more profound ability of aesthetic evaluation and form aesthetic judgement of in creating certain mechanical product such as car, motorcycle etc. Practical part of this course includes creating a product by using a 3D CAD software which has both aesthetic value and practical usage. Students are presenting that product to other students and they give their evaluation grade.


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Author Biographies

Misa Stojicevic, University of Belgrade

Assistant Professor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Zorana Jeli, University of Belgrade

Associate Professor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Boris Kosic, University of Belgrade

Assistant Professor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Ivana Cvetkovic, University of Belgrade

Assistant Professor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Rodoljub Milicevic, University of Belgrade

Student Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


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Teaching Methodology

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