• Codruta BOLOS Petru Maior University
  • Margareta CIOTEA Dimitrie Cantemir University
  • Bogdan BUCUR Petru Maior University
  • Vasile BOLOS Petru Maior University


double worm-face gear, mathematical model, 3D modelling worm, worm-face wheels


The worm-face gear family, invented 60 years ago, contains in its structure several variants which have the following defining elements: tapered worm, reverse tapered worm and cylindrical worm. This type of gear can be realized with a single wheel and also in engagement with the second embodiment of the front worm wheels. This paper presents the matrix - vectorial mathematical model of the double worm-face gear with cylindrical worm and a graphical modeling which is based on the specific geometrical characteristics accomplished by means of the Autodesk Inventor 3D modeling program. The applicability of the study, considering the solutions which it suggests, aims to create opportunities for the use of modern rapid prototyping and analysis of stress FEM technique.


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