• Andrei Toanchină University Politehnica of Bucharest
Keywords: transportation, vehicle, tricycle, electric, folding, solar powered, design


An important play in an economic development and evolution of a country has the field of
transportation. In most countries, transportation with personal car has started to become a problem, the
streets are far too small and narrow for the large number of cars, and the population has started to grow
considerably. Looking forward, technology advances with fast steps, deploying more and more types of
electric, small, and different styles of vehicles. These include the electric tricycle. People travel with
tricycles, primarily, because of the deficiency of other transportation and comfort, offering the benefits of
speed and low cost. Because of the small structure of the commercial tricycle, passengers are crowded
inside to maximize the number of passengers on the journey. Nowadays, engineers struggle to minimize this
negative influence caused by tricycles, while continuing to design a vehicle that satisfy the necessary
everyday transport of a growing population. This paper comes with an innovation, a structure that modifies
its size. Therefore, it’s projected a tricycle that can increase the capacity, fulfilling two important factors:
functionality and comfort.

Author Biography

Andrei Toanchină, University Politehnica of Bucharest

Master student, University
Politehnica of Bucharest, Department of Engineering
Graphics and Industrial Design


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