• Ionut GEONEA University of Craiova
  • Simona-Mariana CRETU University of Craiova
Keywords: computer graphics, over constrained mechanisms, mobility, teaching methodology


The objective of this study is the use of computer graphics as teaching methodology in the field of robotics, focused on over constrained mechanisms’ mobility. Because the analytical methods applied to calculate the mobility of robots have a high mathematical level, but also because certain parameters of over constrained mechanisms are usually determined by structural methods, we have used computer graphics in ADAMS in the teaching process, so that students easily understand the connection between theory and practice, and then solve the engineering applications.

Author Biographies

Ionut GEONEA, University of Craiova

University of Craiova, Department of Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering

Simona-Mariana CRETU, University of Craiova

University of Craiova, Department of Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering


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10 ADAMS/View Software User Manual
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