• Liliana TOCARIU University “Dunarea de Jos“ of Galati
Keywords: Simplified rotation, line, surface, translation, level rotation, front rotation


The simplified rotation method derives from the classic rotation method included in the chapter on descriptive geometry methods. This simplified method eliminates the rotation axis, being a particular case of level or front rotation methods. The omission of the rotation axis involves performing compound rotational and translational movements, successive movements, until the studied element occupies a convenient position in space, relative to the projection planes, which allows the graphical representation of real dimensions (lengths, angles, areas). This paper presents some examples of problems solved by means of the simplified rotation method, which leads to more intuitive and simple graphic solutions as compared to the classic rotation method.

Author Biography

Liliana TOCARIU, University “Dunarea de Jos“ of Galati

University “Dunarea de Jos“ of Galati, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department.


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