• Fănel ȘCHEAUA, PhD. Eng University of Galați
Keywords: fluid flow, circular orifices, pressure drop, three-dimensional model, numerical analysis


In the working circuit of a hydro-static drive system, the working fluid is the support on which
energy transmission is based between the energy source and the actuated work-piece. In order to
accomplish this, the fluid is circulated between the primary components via the circuit piping. The working
fluid flow through the pipelines forming the system circuit represents a complex phenomenon influenced by
a series of changes specific to both the fluid medium and the parameters at which the flow is accomplished
represented by the working pressure, circulation velocity or temperature values within the system. The
change of these flow parameters is also made due to the ducts and orifices type through which the fluid is
forced to pass, resulting in a specific pressure drop due to the inertial forces and fluid viscosity. In this
paper are presented theoretical aspects regarding fluid flow through orifices of constant section, as well as
the numerical analysis performed on the virtual model for highlighting the specific flow parameters. The
obtained results are presented in terms of total pressure, fluid velocity and turbulences registered at the
analyzed fluid region being emphasized the fluid stream contraction during the orifice passage and the
fluid trend afterwards along the pipeline axis.

Author Biography

Fănel ȘCHEAUA, PhD. Eng, University of Galați

“Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați, Engineering and Agronomy Faculty of Brăila, Department of Engineering Sciences and Management, Research Center for Mechanics and Technological Equipments - MECMET,


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